M.S. Husain, Advocate

3/4/20241 min read

Welcome to our knowledge-enhancing journey of this website where we will try to provide you the information and knowledge of the law in easy language so that the common man can also be helped and at the same time free legal aid to the needy people, as and when required, will also be provided.

This post is a prelude to this website, in which it is said that what kind of information will be provided on this website? As we know that no person is outside the purview of law and currently the information of law is very important and that is why this website is going to be very useful for all of us.

This initiative taken with an objective to provide legal assistance in litigation as well as study material pertaining to Law along with the legal and critical analysis of the current and burning issues of the society to the law students, legal practitioner and to the common people who want to be updated with the legal and political scenario. This website contains Legal Updates and Legal Analysis of the incidents going on to educate and aware others about legal surroundings. Through this website you will learn many things and will get legal advice also, as and when required. Therefore, you are requested to share this website to others to educate and aware others also.

This is an Educational website which provides lots of legal educational Articles in English and videos of various categories in Hindi. So let’s see what kind of articles you will get to read on this website:

1. Constitutional Law;

2. International Law;

3. Judgment Analysis;

4. Legal Provisions or Statutory Law;

5. Social Issues and Current Issues;

6. Legal Advice;

and much more legal contents…